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Wilbur-Ellis Launches New Drift Reduction Product

Alex Whitebrook/ April 16, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Wilbur-Ellis Co., a leader in the marketing and distribution of crop protection, seed, and nutritional products, as well as precision agriculture technology, has  released DILIGENCE-EA, a new deposition and drift reduction product powered by ACCUSTRIKE technology. An addition to agricultural tank mixes, DILIGENCE-EA is designed to mitigate drift issues with a variety of agricultural chemicals, while maximizing the amount of

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Bee Vectoring Technologies Secures Two New Milestone Patent Approvals

Alex Whitebrook/ April 16, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Bee Vectoring Technologies (the “Company” or “BVT”) (TSXV:BEE) is pleased to announce that it has received two new key patent application allowances: US Patent Application Ser. No. 15/092,968: This application received a Notice of Allowance and, upon issuance, will provide a second patent in the US for the unique carrier formulation that allows beneficial microbes to be carried by bees. The

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Brandon Batten uses drone to zero in on crop problems and answers

Alex Whitebrook/ April 11, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

When an image of a field causes a grower to ask more questions, that’s when they can improve. “If you’re questioning what you’re doing, then you are looking for a better way and if you can measure it, you can make it better,” said Brandon Batten, Johnston County, N.C., tobacco farmer and drone operator. One way farmers and ranchers are

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Upgrading crop adviser tech

Alex Whitebrook/ April 9, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

The changing nature of data acquisition on the farm creates an upstream challenge for those who support farmers — maximizing management information. Trimble has announced a new tool to help tackle that issue. Advisor Prime provides a crop adviser or agronomist a centralized location for bringing in farmer data; but more than a storage tool, the system also allows the

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Alex Whitebrook/ March 1, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Sentera, a Minneapolis-based supplier of technology solutions to the agriculture industry, has signed an agreement to bring University of Minnesota-developed corn nitrogen deficiency technology to the market. The technology allows growers to more precisely match applied nitrogen fertilizer to the optimal needs of the crop. Officials say minimizing over-application of nutrients saves money; reduces the risk of fertilizer runoff into

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NewLeaf Symbiotics Launches Transformative Ag Biological Technology

Alex Whitebrook/ February 26, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

NewLeaf Symbiotics announced the launch of its Terrasym™ technology and the sale of its first two nutrient enhancing products, a totally new class of natural, beneficial biologicals called M-trophs. Terrasym 401 is a seed treatment for soybeans that maximizes the yield potential by enhancing plant nutrition. Terrasym 402 is a bio-complement applied to peanuts that provides season-long performance and significantly higher yields. Both products

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Dow: Simplicity GoDRI

Alex Whitebrook/ February 22, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Bringing a new crop protection product to market can cost upwards of $250 million in research and development. But beyond the product itself is the way the technology is delivered. Advances in formulations allow growers to optimize a new product’s capabilities. Dow AgroScience spent 15 years developing and testing its GoDRIformulation to make sure it provided greater ease of use without

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Technology Keeps Rice Fertilizer Nice

Alex Whitebrook/ February 8, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Farmers make a lot of decisions. One of the most important is how much fertilizer to apply to their crops, and when to apply it. Applying more than necessary or at the wrong time can waste resources, impact the environment, and cut into narrow profits. The answer could lie in a small handheld device. A new tool may help growers

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Annual Farm Equipment show after tough year on crops

Alex Whitebrook/ January 16, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

The 28th annual Farm Equipment show kicked off Sunday, January 14 at the QC Expo Center. This year’s show features 200 venders including 20 new businesses added to the roster. “Our ultimate goal. first is that the 200 venders who are here, gives the farmer what he wants. (The venders) want to come back and the farmers want to come back,”

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Aker: a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform

Alex Whitebrook/ January 11, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Clever°Franke, a Dutch digital agency, has created an innovative, online platform for Aker, a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform that uses drones and smart technology to help farmers maintain crop health on a massive scale. Background Aker came up with a unique idea and innovative technology that it was keen to implement in the agriculture sector. Known as a notoriously conservative

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