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Technology Keeps Rice Fertilizer Nice

Alex Whitebrook/ February 8, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Farmers make a lot of decisions. One of the most important is how much fertilizer to apply to their crops, and when to apply it. Applying more than necessary or at the wrong time can waste resources, impact the environment, and cut into narrow profits. The answer could lie in a small handheld device. A new tool may help growers

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Annual Farm Equipment show after tough year on crops

Alex Whitebrook/ January 16, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

The 28th annual Farm Equipment show kicked off Sunday, January 14 at the QC Expo Center. This year’s show features 200 venders including 20 new businesses added to the roster. “Our ultimate goal. first is that the 200 venders who are here, gives the farmer what he wants. (The venders) want to come back and the farmers want to come back,”

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Aker: a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform

Alex Whitebrook/ January 11, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Clever°Franke, a Dutch digital agency, has created an innovative, online platform for Aker, a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform that uses drones and smart technology to help farmers maintain crop health on a massive scale. Background Aker came up with a unique idea and innovative technology that it was keen to implement in the agriculture sector. Known as a notoriously conservative

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Rise in Cost of Fertilizers and Pesticides

Alex Whitebrook/ January 10, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

The Global Seed Treatment Market was worth USD 6,125.1 million in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 10.27%, to reach USD 10,844.8 million by 2022. Seed treatment is a cutting-edge technology for crop protection that provides many benefits to growers and represents one of the most effective tools in precision agriculture. Seed treatments have helped to

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35th annual Crop Production Show kicks off today

Alex Whitebrook/ January 8, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

One of the country’s largest agricultural showcases is back for another year. The 35th Western Canadian Crop Production show kicked off this morning at Prairieland Park and Convention Centre. The annual trade show, which aims to connect farmers with new tools and technology, runs through Jan. 11. Part of the province’s crop production week, the show is expected to feature

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Conference offers cutting-edge, practical tech applications in ag production

Alex Whitebrook/ January 5, 2018/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Technology changes rapidly in every aspect of life. For farmers, keeping up with changes in equipment, analysis methods and best practices can make a major difference in their productivity and, ultimately, their bottom line. From aerial crop-monitoring drones to driverless tractors, the present and future of Kansas agriculture takes center stage at the Kansas Agricultural Technologies Conference Jan. 18 to

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Global fertilizer company acquires Cornell digital agriculture tech

Alex Whitebrook/ December 7, 2017/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Scientists have long recognized the crucial, and potentially damaging, role of nitrogen in the food cycle. If farmers don’t add enough of the fertilizer to their fields, crops are less productive. But if too much is added, excess nitrogen runs off into waterways, where it can cause algal blooms that kill fish, contaminate drinking water and contribute to global warming.

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Koch Biological Solutions and Asilomar Bio – Exclusive tech deal

Alex Whitebrook/ November 29, 2017/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Koch Biological Solutions, LLC (Koch) has secured exclusive global rights to commercialize and market products containing Asilomar Bio’s flagship yield enhancement technology for foliar, in-furrow, and other modes of application on a broad set of crops, including all major row crops and plantation forestry. The patent-pending technology represents a new class of active ingredient, which enhances crop yield potential through

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Skagit Valley Farms utilising new technology

Alex Whitebrook/ October 25, 2017/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Since its inception about five years ago, Skagit Valley Farms has embraced new technology. From robotic weeding machines to robotic planters, Skagit Valley Farms Principal Tony Wisdom and his team aren’t afraid to try new things. “We are not an average farm,” Wisdom said. “Using technology is a theme we developed throughout our company … It’s part of our DNA.”

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DuPont aiming to engage consumers on genetically edited crops

Alex Whitebrook/ October 24, 2017/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

DuPont Pioneer promoted its gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 at Fresh Summit and acknowledged that a key hurdle facing the technology is consumer acceptance. “We’re a company that mostly faces the farmer,” said Neal Gutterson, vice president of research and development. “We’ve been rethinking that a bit … We know we need to engage the consumer more.” The company wants to understand

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