Five Asian Companies Named WEF Technology Pioneers In 2018

Alex Whitebrook/ July 6, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Five companies in Asia have joined a global community of technology pioneers in recognition of their potentially world-changing innovations and technologies.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recognized five companies from Asia as Technology Pioneers of 2018. They join a global community of early-stage companies involved in pioneering new technologies and ideas across a diverse range of sectors, from agriculture to cyber security.

The network serves as a platform for members to discuss common problems, pitch new ideas to stakeholders and contribute to solving global issues. Past technology pioneers include mega-corporations such as Google, Twitter and Airbnb. We feature here the five new Asian additions to the WEF Technology Pioneers community.

Seeing through the eyes of AI Malong Technologies (Shenzhen, China)

In a world saturated with products and commodities, the retail scene is both more vibrant and competitive than ever before. To help enterprises achieve greater efficiency, quality and safety in their retail operations, Malong Technologies has invented artificial intelligence (AI) that relies on weakly-supervised deep learning technology to visually recognize products with human-level performance. This technology has been picked up by over 100 companies across various industries, ranging from fashion to wine and automobiles. Malong Technologies currently boasts a reach of over 100 million end-users who mostly reside in China.

Overhauling tax collection with tech OnlinePajak (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Technology, at its best, simplifies processes and improves the user experience. This is exactly what OnlinePajak’s platform is doing for Indonesia’s tax collection system. Founded in 2014, OnlinePajak is currently working with Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance to provide an online centralized platform that enables businesses to file their taxes more easily while making the entire process more transparent. In this way, the company hopes to build efficacy and trust in the tax collection process, ultimately increasing the state revenue accrued through taxation. OnlinePajak is now the official tax filing application in Indonesia for business and commerce.

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