Tools, Collaboration Help Farmers Use Enlist Technology Successfully

Alex Whitebrook/ September 6, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Field specialists dedicated to the Enlist weed control system work closely with farmers to get the best results from the technology.

It’s true: Knowledge really is power. Providing farmers information and the opportunity to learn is vital for helping them succeed.

As Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, continues to prepare the market for the large-scale commercialization of Enlist E3 soybeans, growing knowledge about this technology remains essential.

For example, making the Enlist E3 soybean trait widely available to farmers requires seamless collaboration with seed companies. Work continues to ensure this – and other Enlist crop traits – are available in the best genetics over a wide range of maturities.

This will help make the farmer’s introduction to the Enlist system more profitable and successful. It’s an important facet of the overall grower experience as they see how new Enlist crops perform.

Planning is Paramount

Getting this technology into the hands of more farmers builds their comfort with the system and prepares them to expand Enlist crop acreage in the coming years.

Field planning, best management practices, application education and advice help farmers position Enlist crops to perform as promised. The goal is to help farmers get the most out of the Enlist system once it’s on their farms. That includes on-target application, excellent weed control, exemplary crop tolerance and the opportunity for top yield.

Corteva Agriscience is working diligently to ensure the Enlist traits are in top-performing soybean varieties, corn hybrids and cotton varieties.

Enlist E3 soybeans will be broadly licensed to the industry, and the Corteva Agriscience team is engaged with seed companies across the country that are preparing to incorporate Enlist E3 soybeans into their product lineup.

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